The 21st Century Steam Cleaning Process

This is the most 21st century approach to carpet cleaning without having to harm the product. Steam cleaning has been practiced for over 50 years and is still seen as a popular practice.

However, with the growth in technology, came new cleaning ideas that would not include dousing your carpet with detergent and hot water then uprooting them using a powerful machine. It is often not reported but, steam cleaning has more issues than it has benefits:

  1. Includes detergent which may cause skin irritation if not extracted thoroughly.
  2. The odor and dampness left after cleaning may resoil the carpet quicker.
  3. Some rugs are not meant for steam cleaning.
  4. Does not work with stains.

As we speak, there are companies that choose to ditch the modern carpet cleaning method as obsolete and adopt ultra-modern ways of cleaning to keep our families free from harmful chemicals. 

The Steam Free Carpet Cleaning Ensures The Following:

  1. No toxic waste
  2. No mildew causing residue
  3. Plant-based materials safe for children and pets
  4. Efficient removal of stains

It is noticed that steam cleaning uses water heat to strike out germs from between the fibers within and carpets are left to dry out for a few hours. Depending on the season, it might take a couple, several hours or even days before you start using the carpet again. Steam cleaning is not recommended during monsoon or winter season.

In case you need the room immediately along with the carpet, you will either have to risk resoiling the wet carpet or think about an alternative method of cleaning the next time as the damp carpet would still contain the residue which causes skin irritation.

Chemical-based cleaning may be able to ward off germs and harmful bacteria but they also fixate on leaving the scent behind that are made using chemicals causing headache, nausea, and stomach infections in children. While the carpet cleaning in Manly procedure is totally scent-free, and leaves a fresh fragrance of organic materials used to deep clean the carpet.

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